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As an active community member, Mr. Haq spends time educating those on religious, political and inter-cutlural subjects.


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Faizan Haq is the CEO and Founder of Manage Your Business, LLC. Consult with our highly-trained organizational communication specialist with over 25 years of experience. Learn the wisdom to grow your business and your personal potential.

Hopes, fears and realities of Trump’s Election

November 17 2016, The Buffalo News addresses contentious issues that may experience dramatic changes under the Trump Administration Exert ” Muslims Muslims […]

Pakistan army lauded by Foreign experts in war against terrorism

August 15, 2016 “US based analyst Professor Faizan Haq has lauded services of Pakistan army in the war against terrorism […]

Using multi-media to break down stereotypes of Muslims

October 23rd, 2012 A WBFO article discussing how WNY Muslims can use the media to spread awarnes and education on […]

Local Muslim leaders respond to San Bernardino, media coverage

December 4, 2015 “Professor Faizan Haq teaches courses at Buffalo State College and at the University at Buffalo and also […]

The Collective News Editorials

Faizan Haq is the Editor-in-Chief at The Collective News and writes a monthly editorial for each edition of The Collective News.


AMERICAN IDENTITY By: Faizan Haq Who is American? How do you become an American? What does it mean to be American?  And what are you if you are not American? Answers to these questions underline the narrative by which we define our American identity. Then there are American values; freedom, democracy and perhaps tolerance.  We are told believing in these values make you an American. We can be more specific and say our values are defined in our Constitution. Anyone that subscribes and commits to the Constitution is an American. Is that enough or do we want more? Are there other conditions that we forgot to mention in the constitution?

AMERICAN IDENTITY By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-chief Who is American? How do you become an American? What does it mean to […]


AMERICAS FUTURE DIVERSE OR NOT By: Faizan Haq All the places where humanity resides Islands, to continents human beings came from somewhere. As much as we take pride in America being a nation of immigrants where diversity is celebrated, there are other nations in the world that are far more diverse and absorb a lot more immigrants and refugees than the United States. What makes America unique is not that it is willing to take in immigrants or refugees, what makes America unique is that we wrote it down in our value system and we decided to live by those principles. Then we propagated this value system to the rest of the world. We sat as the sage of opportunity on the international stage professing the American dream, that is equality for all. We sang the songs of the great democracy that we are.


SANITY OR INSANITY? By Faizan Haq How is insanity diagnosed, measured and dealt with? The maturity of a society is defined by how civilized the society is in their treatment of the insane. According to some psychiatric studies, we all suffer from mental anguish, psychiatric deficit or psychological conditioning. Do we all deserve imprisonment isolation or containment? In the frenzy modern life, we continue to undermine the social and psychological cushioning that was provided for us by immediate and extended families, close circle of friends, and a caring connected culture.